Visit Your Olympia Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment

Playing sports comes with near certainty that at some point you will suffer an injury. Chiropractic care for sports injury treatment is an effective way to find pain relief from these injuries. The exceptional staff at Phoenix Rising Wellness Center understand sports injury and how the use of physiotherapy and functional wellness programs can help those injuries. We have served the greater Olympia area for many years and we can help you too.

Read on to learn more about common sports injuries and how our chiropractic care staff can help you find pain relief.

Common Sports Injuries

Sporting activities are prone to a wide variety of injuries. These include common injuries that lead to shoulder pain, knee pain, and other painful areas of the body. The seven most common sports injuries include injuries in need of pain relief such as ACL tears, shin splints, groin pulls, ankle sprain, patellofemoral syndrome, hamstring strain, and tennis elbow – also known as Tendinitis.

Sports Injury Treatment

  Manual spinal manipulation is an essential method used in chiropractic sports injury treatment. It reestablishes arrangement and equalization to the spine, assuaging strain so the body is less helpless against damage. Be that as it may, different techniques must be utilized when sports damage treatment goes past the neck and back.