Patient Reviews


Shay S

 I took my 15 year old here who is a competitive athlete and her Chiropractor explained things so she could understand. She left feeling better then I've seen her in months.  Great atmosphere! 


I love Dr. Cordis! I’ve been seeing her off and on for a couple years now. I started seeing her for prenatal chiropractic care and she has always taken care of me. I recently had an accident where I fell down some stairs and she has been taking care of me again. I even bring my 4 month old daughter to her. She listens and she is very personable. I trust her advice and I look forward to my visits with her. 

luke S

 Dr. Cordis is  professional, caring, and genuinely cares. Thanks to their treatment I  no longer live in fear of moving my body! I have a new zeal for life and  a new sense of gratitude. I owe it to Dr. Cordis. HIGHLY recommend. 

MIssy M


I  called this morning in hopes you were open on a Sunday.. I didn't leave  a voicemail as I figured you were closed. Which you were..

BUT  not only did I get a call back from your amazing doc, but she got me in  TODAY for an urgent adjustment, AND made an appointment for tomorrow to  follow up with me! I'm beyond grateful and will forever recommend this  place for local adjustments!

Shavonda P

Dr. Cordis is absolutely amazing and extremely passionate about  Chiropractic which is what makes her such an amazing Chiropractor. She  is always looking for ways to better herself for the sake of her  patients and has a true passion and love for educating others about  chiropractic. I was very lucky to have her as a mentor and continue to  be mentored by her to this day. Thank you Dr. Cordis for your commitment  and love for the chiropractic profession. 

Amber H

 Dr. Cordis  has been a tremendous help to me. The adjustments that she  has given me have given my body a chance to heal and I am So grateful!  A  wonderful chiropractor who is knowledgeable and precise. She also  teaches exercises and stretches to be able to continue on the healing  path. :)  My neck feels so much better after seeing her, from an  accident I had 41 years ago!   .



When I began seeing Dr.  Cordis, she had a senior patient with a severe neck injury from  childhood, migraines and later, a lower back injury. She worked with me,  helping me to understand the damage and designing a plan. It worked. My  neck stabilized and my lower back is recovering. Dr. Cordis is  knowledgeable and her ability to apply that knowledge and to "listen to  the body" with highly professional manipulations ranks her as one of the  best. 


 Dr. Cordis approaches  everything with a whole health approach.  She really cares about her  patients and their overall wellness. Great treatments and transparent  billing. 


I'm  lucky enough  to work  in the same office as Dr.  Cordis.  I can send my patients dealing   with pain and injuries  and know that they are in great hands and will  be feeling better in no time.  She's  the only one i trust my neck to. 

Gale P

 Oh my goodness if you are looking for amazing care see Doc Cordis.  You won't be disappointed. 


I feel really fortunate to have Dr. Cordis as my chiropractor. Her treatments are always effective and gentle. I trust her. 


I have been seeing Dr.  Cordis for almost a year now and highly recommend her! She is extremely  kind, knowledgeable and effective - her adjustments have been very  beneficial for treating my back pain and chronic illness. She is  attentive to her patients needs, genuinely caring and makes scheduling  easy. Best in Olympia! 


Phil P

Shamika does an amazing  job on people and animal readjustments. She is friendly, knowledgeable,  and always ready to explain what she is doing. Her prices are very  affordable and she takes very good care of her clients. She also is a  great public speaker and educator. 

Linda A

Dr. Cordis is awesome. She  adjusted my daughter right around when she was 1 year old and it  definitely helped her. She's 4 now and doesn't have any of the problems  that she used to have. Looking forward to going back for future  adjustments. 

Jerrilyn P

 In general, I am not the  best with chiropractors, but while I was on a business trip in the  Seatac area I ended up tweaking my back really bad to the point I  couldn't even stand up straight without being in a lot of pain.  Dr.  Cordis was able to travel to me in my hotel room within a day and adjust  me there.  She also provided some advice over the phone to relieve some  pain over the 24 hours before she was able to make it to my location.   She called me for a follow up after adjusting me.  I would definitely  recommend Dr. Cordis!! 


Dr.Cordis adjusted my 8 yr  old son and my 1 month old daughter that was suffering from really bad  gas.Initally I was really skeptical about my babies being adjusted but  Dr Cordis was so patient and knowledgeable she answered all of my crazy  mom questions and eased my fears. She even suggested a formula that  helped with my daughters' gas.We absolutely love her and recommend her  for all of your holistic and chiropractic needs. 


It was a very relaxed  feeling meeting with Dr Cordis, which eased my nerves. The Dr is very  likable which means a lot to me. She has great hands, they make you feel  taken care of. She answered all my questions, even ones I didn't know I  had, lol. I'm looking forward to my next visit.With time an  consistentcy, I am hoping to correct my head alignment, which I didn't  even know was possible until coming to Phoenix Rising Wellness Center. I  am referring PRWC to anyone who is aching and is tired of taking pain  pills! 

Enova M

Dr. Cordis is an excellent  doctor (not exaggerating). She is caring, trustworthy and passionate.  Very invested in her patients and explains everything. The adjustments  are gentle and they work. I felt better after 1 visit, but I suggest to  go several times or create a wellness plan to keep your body in good  order.