What Sets Us Apart From Everybody?

Here at Phoenix Rising Wellness Center, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and personalized service in a warm and welcoming environment. Dr. Cordis takes the time in getting to know her practice members and creating and building the relationship that will last a lifetime.

Improving your health starts here!

· There are no wrong questions to ask, after all it is your health. Dr. Cordis can answer any questions you may have from treatment plans to preventive care. Questions, just ask!

· We believe in providing treatment to bring your health to its optimal level. We pride ourselves in individual care and treat each condition differently from member to member. We understand everyone is different and Dr. Cordis works hard in finding the correct personalized care for each condition.

· We are attentive to everyone’s individual needs and offer flexible scheduling. We offer same day appointment for new members and have an awesome referral program!

· We offer flexible payment options as well as Wellness Packages for those who don’t have insurance. 

Want more access to our care? Here’s how!

Follow our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) @phoenixrisingwc to stay up to date with current health tips, issues, and preventive care. Our posts can teach you how to stay healthy during any physical activities, what foods to eat, and how to care for yourself.