What To Expect


First Appointment (Day 1)

In your first appointment, there will be a new patient exam that includes consultation and complete history. Please plan for 45-60 minutes to complete your first appointment. If needed, we may require you to get x-rays in order to complete your full evaluation. We believe your body moves and functions as a unit and it's important to have all the pieces of the puzzle in order to provide you with the highest quality care. 

Second Appointment (Day 2)

Dr. Cordis utilizes several techniques to adjust the spine and extremities. After your exam, she will determine which techniques will suit you and start to prepare a care plan. We will go over in what we find in the diagnosis and a treatment plan. We understand that when you’re not functioning at 100%, it can have a great impact on your health. At this appointment, we will also go over your insurance and coverage options. 

X-Rays or Other Radio-Graphic Imaging

This will be determined through your new patient exam. Not every person or condition is the same and we pride ourselves on individualize care. This is why having a complete health history is important.


Our goal is to help you reach your optimal health. Dr. Cordis specializes in corrective spine care and wants your body to be functioning at its best. We want to educate you on chiropractic care and the benefits you can receive from it. Chiropractic care is more than a treatment, it’s a lifestyle.