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First Appointment

In your first appointment there will be a complete new patient exam that includes consult and history. We believe your body move and functions as a unit and its important to have all the pieces of the puzzle in order to provide you quality care. 

Xrays or other Radiographic Imaging

This will be determined through your new patient exam. Not everyone person or condition is the same and we pride ourselves on individualize care. This is why having a complete health history  is important. 

1st Adjustment

Dr. Cordis utilizes several techniques to adjust the spine and extremities. After your exam she will determine which techniques will suit you and your care plan. We understand that when your not functioning at 100% how that can impact your health. 

Follow up Appointment

Dr. Cordis will determine what is best for your care plan and will schedule you accordingly. It is important to get to the cause of the problem.